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Gnikou built a 3D printer from electronic waste collected from scrapyards around Lomé, the capital city of Togo. Should the cost plummet, the technology has many qualities that could enable Africa to leapfrog into a new age of production.Outside of cost and accessibility the question then becomes whether or not African communities will grasp the transformational power of 3D printing.

Call your friends and family anytime, anywhere for FREE using Nimbuzz calls.Even if they don't have Nimbuzz application, you can still call on their landline or mobile using Nimbuzz Out.Being with your loved ones is probably the best feeling in the world.But broadly, I think there are three big mistakes Tencent made with We Chat in its overseas expansion, and–not coincidentally–they’re mistakes that Chinese companies make a lot when they launch internationally. Yet even something as simple as sticker availability seems to betray that Tencent wasn’t putting as much effort into localizing We Chat in each international market as it could have been.Of course, none of this is likely too upsetting to Tencent executives.But outside of 3D printing pasta and pills, 3D printing also holds the potential to significantly undermine traditional manufacturing methods because, instead of massive factories running on expensive equipment, 3D printing makes light, decentralised production possible.

This means that many goods will be produced on site, where the resources are.

Rosaline’s prosthetic and socket cost $250 – a fraction of the normal $5 000 price tag.

The process is faster, the prosthetic can be printed in a day, and amputees report a more comfortable fit.

This potential to assist in response to African development and humanitarian challenges will only increase as 3D printers become more sophisticated and affordable.

Cost is admittedly a limitation but as Togolese inventor Afate Gnikou showed, that problem is not without a solution.

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