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[3’08” Jingle playing] Right, so what have I been up to recently? Now when you see your friends, for example, if you haven’t seen your friends for a week or two, in English, it’s very very common to say something like: ‘What have you been up to? So, for example, if you go on a date with someone, and there is no chemistry, then the date will be really boring. ’ Well, I’d say: I’ve been teaching a legal English class recently. At school at the moment, I’m teaching a law course – Legal English, which is very interesting. And probably comedy is one of the things that you will appreciate or enjoy later when you become a more advanced speaker of English. The main thing here that I’d like to do is to help you understand what happened in that sketch. Another expression is ‘to fancy someone’, ‘to fancy someone’, and ‘fancy’ is a verb. And that’s a phrasal verb – ‘To chat up, to chat someone up’.

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And every Wednesday, I play football in Regents Park. And you can decide who[m] you’d like to meet again. And you hear the girl talking about how usually it’s very difficult when her friends hook her up with men. And after 3-minute, someone rings a bell – ding, ding ,ding – and then you have to move, all the boys move onto the next table. And then at the end, you write little comments on a piece of paper about them. Now, in this sketch, you are going to hear a conversation between a man and woman who are on a blind date. Now their friends have set them up, they’ve hooked them up with each other. So ‘looking forward to’ means waiting for something because you want it to happen, right? [8’35” Funk music playing] I think you get the idea. And then you go to a bar, and there might be about 10 or 15 tables in the bar and all the girls sit at the tables. Well, you have 3 minutes, basically, to try and chat each other up. And then the bell rings again and you move to the next table and meet the next girl and talk to them and after about an hour, you have met about 15 people in one night. I’m going to play you, now, the audio from a little comedy sketch, which is from a BBC television programme, a comedy programme. Now, I’m single at the moment and I’ve been trying to meet someone. Yeah, so, I’m not going to tell you any more about that. Some people, especially these days, meet each other on the Internet. And it’s, well, it’s none of your business really, is it. And then eventually maybe get a telephone number form them and then arrange to meet up on a date in the future. So a lot of people meet each other when they are drinking in a pub or in a club or something.Then, in the feature section, you are going to listen to a small comedy sketch about a date, okay? And chemistry is really really important in a relationship.

And then in the language section at the end of the podcast, I’m going to teach you some really really really useful and very important expressions that you can use to talk about dating and relationship, okay? But before I do that, I’m going to teach you something really useful about English, some really useful and important language, okay? You have to have chemistry, because it’s the chemistry actually, the interaction between you that makes it exciting, that makes it interesting, okay?

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So, we use this question to ask about recent activities: “What have you been up to? ” “I’ve been working hard” It’s very common for people to use this when they see their friends. DATING & RELATIONSHIPS Hello, welcome to Luke’s English Podcast. If you go to the i Tunes Store, you can do a search for Luke’s English podcast and you will find it there and you can subscribe to the podcast using i Tunes there. So, ‘unbelievably stupid’ means really really stupid. She thinks that he’s not like the other guys that he’s not unbelievably stupid. So, these expressions are really important and really useful for you. And then they start chatting, talking to try [to] make the girl fancy him, okay?

The tense here is the Present Perfect Continuous tense: have/has been -ing This tense is used in the question and answer: “What have you been doing recently? ” -I’ve been teaching a legal English course recently -I’ve been playing football in Regents Park -I’ve been enjoying the good weather -I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Trek movie TRANSCRIPT TO 8. Um, you can, of course, find this podcast on i Tunes. So, she means I usually hate it when my friends put me on a blind date with someone. So, to go out with someone means to go on a date with them. So, all the guys I’ve gone on a date with recently have been unbelievably stupid. Okay, she said, ‘But I think you’re different though.’ But I think you’re different though. Okay, there she says, ‘well, touch wood.’ Now, to touch wood in England is a superstition. So, if you hope that something will happen or you hoped something is true, you touch wood like that. So, she’s saying ‘you’re not stupid like the other guys’. [23’56” Jangle playing] Okay, in English, there are numbers of expressions that we always use when we are talking about romantic relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, and going on a date. And you really have to learn these expressions because people always use them when they are talking about this subject, okay? And there are typically things that man say when they chat women up. ’ or ‘hi, do you come here often’ or something like that.

So, I’m happy about that, very glad that it’s becoming so popular. [‘Up to’ means ‘doing’ actually.] B: Well, nothing. So let’s just quickly listen to some of the sketch again. So she says, ‘I’m so glad that Lisa set us up together,’ and he says, ‘me too.’ So, I’m so glad that Lisa, that’s her friend, set us up, that means arranged for us to meet. ‘I’m so glad that Lisa set us up together.’ ‘I’m so glad that Lisa arranged for us up to meet.’ And he said me too. So, your friends arrange for you to meet someone so that you’d become a pair, you’d become a partner. Now, a complete stranger is someone that you’ve never met before. The thing is all the guys I’ve been out with recently have been unbelievably stupid. Now, ‘the thing is’, that’s like saying, ‘the problem is,’ all the guys I’ve been out with recently. [23’24” Comedy sketch playing] Okay, so there it is. Now, in the next section – the language section, I’m going to teach you really useful expressions to talk about dating and relationships. ‘Oh, you’re so funny.’ And she might, for example, back her eye lids at him, or just act in a way that shows she really fancies him, she really likes him, okay? Guys when they flirt, they try to make girls laugh, they might try to show how strong they are, show off their muscles or something, so that’s flirting. And, so, for example, if a man sees a girl in a bar and he fancies her, he might walk over to her and start to chat her up.