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We cannot guarantee you will be able to swap but will do our best to accommodate your need. Unfortunately due to insurance requirements, only Service Dogs are allowed on course and must start at the end of the race after all other participants have started. Yes, but due to insurance requirements, strollers must start at the end of the race after all other participants have started.

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To accommodate the needs of our athletes while still assuring maximum safety and a fair, competitive environment, here is the arrangement that we can accommodate.• If you chose to use a personal music device, we ask that you always keep one ear open for instructions so only one ear-bud should be used at any time.As a reminder, if your family is going to be cheering you along en route, remind them to bring cowbells, music, fun signs and pom poms to help keep your energy up along the course. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email us at [email protected] headsets, earbuds or any type of personal music device allowed in this race?We prefer for athletes to NOT use music devices to maximize safety, assure a fair competitive environment and assure athletes can hear all course marshal instructions.Bring the obvious - Remember your running/walking shoes & gear, your bib number etc. The show goes on no matter what the weather is doing.Fortunately, if you're dressed correctly, it shouldn't matter.• We also request that if you chose to use a personal music device that you keep the volume to a minimum to assure all instructions can be heard.

Getting the shirt sizes accurate for all different body shapes and sizes is extremely difficult!

And watch for the cameras en route and give us a big cheesy smile! Can I transfer my registration to another race or athlete?

Plus remember to bring a warm, clean change of clothing so you can enjoy the post-event festivities. All registration and packet pickup related questions can be found under the main navigation heading titled "Registration & Packet Pickup".

Washougal and SW Washington have so much to offer so come for the entire weekend and make it a fun and memorable RACE-cation!

Although a weekend is not nearly enough to see all the beauty in this area, so feel free to extend your stay or be sure to come back for one of our other local races.

Let us honor the brave men and women who have or are currently serving in our Armed Forces and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedom.