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Aaron yan and puff kuo dating

In 2008, Puff Kuo is discovered by scouts and soon makes her fast food brand advertising shoot debut and entertainment industry debut.In 2010, Guo Xue Fu and her two female artists composed their Dream Girls group entered the music scene.

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There is absolutely no plot to speak of other than the central conceit – love-burned OCD boss Qi Yi institutes a no workplace dating policy that rubs the employees at his company wrong and go-getter Cheng Liang Liang is roped into making Qi Yi fall for her to violate and thereby end the policy. All their interactions stem from working together and living together when they become reluctant roommates after he buys the house she’s renting and she refuses to move out.In 2011, with the Dream Girls released their debut EP "Dream Girls"; Puff Kuo was born on June 30, 1988 in Gongliao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.Her current step-mother is from her father's second marriage.After her commercial appearance she was then discovered by Dorian Entertainment who she signed on as her management company.During this time, she and her future group members Tia Lee and Emily Song of Dream Girls were under training before officially debuting as a group.[VIDEO] Drama 'Just You' Filming Location - House Tour[PICS] 2016 Taipei New Year’s Eve Countdown Party[AUDIO] 2015 Forever Star in Sydney[DOWNLOAD] Aaron Yan LINE Stickers[ENG SUBS] The Aaron Time[ENG SUBS] A Time of Love[ENG SUBS] Kinenbi Name: Dearaaronyan About: Aaron Yan Established: February 2012Theme: Belle Currently Online: Dearaaronyan is just a fansite, originally created by a fan for fans and is not affiliated in any way with Aaron Yan, his family or his management company.

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Kuo had several appearances in variety shows such as "Guess", "100% Entertainment", and "Kangxi Lai Le" as well as appearing in other musicians music videos.

In December 2011, Kuo had her first acting role in SETTV's drama Inborn Pair playing the 2nd lead actress role as "Li Er" (黎兒), the daughter of a triad boss.

I haven’t seen a set of co-stars quite this touchy-feely and chummy with each other in quite some time, and many TW-drama co-stars nowhere close to their level of affection have ended up dating in real life.