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Accurate 10 week dating scan

accurate 10 week dating scan-28

I know I ovulate late, so I am going with the dating scan dates.

When I checked against the date of conception it matched up with the scan date.Instead of being due on the 27th December 2009, I am now due on the 18th December.All my subsequent scans and fundal measurements have agreed with the 18th of December date. Other pregnancies the dates were not changed ( If you're in nesting mode getting ready to welcome a new baby, along with finding the right pram and stocking up on newborn nappies, scientists have discovered one more thing to add to your to-do list.I went for another scan this week and it put me back to where I thought I should be.My OB did say that because the baby is so small it can be /- 5 days either side My dating scan was on par with the date from LMP and it gave me 8th July for DS and he was born on his due date...When i got the results from that scan it said i was a week further at 13 weeks 1.

So i really am not sure but i would say it's close enough to reliable? my next scan at 12w 4d put me at 13 weeks exactly....

My date based on LMP is 5 days earlier than on dating scan.

I'm going with the scan dates to give myself as long as possible just in case I go overdue.

) i didnt no what answer to give him so i'll ask on here how accurate can they be on the age of the baby at a dating scan done before 10 weeks??

Early ultrasounds are more accurate than later ultrasounds.

I know without a doubt the date of my LMP & the date we concieved my scan at 7w 4 days put me at 6w 5 days... well I was told today that a pregnancy cannot be dated accurately until 9-10 weeks pregnant and anywhere before that is just guessing (oh and he kindly reminded me he has 28 years experience when i questioned this) Rough Diamond - that is interesting.