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Adult dating sites that use paypal

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Well you have to submit your site to [email protected] to be review by them. The Pay Pal Acceptable Use Policy requires merchants offering online dating services require merchants to receive approval. And an email sent to you with instructions how you can start with Paypal as a payment option. We are pleased that you have chosen to use Pay Pal for your dating website

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Pay Pal requires pre-approval to accept payments for certain services as set out in 6 above and detailed in the chart below. I ask them if this regulation is only for dating sites?Sincerely, Mie Pay Pal, Brand Risk Management’’ How many of you know this? And there are some here who sell their products on the market that only work with Paypal. If paypal are making it difficult to take you money then thats a first! from Paypal to receive money via your Boonex dating site.Sure, you can open a Paypal account and then fill in your email in the admin panel on your Boonex site but then you are violating Pay Pal's policy that you have to be before you can use Paypal on your Boonex dating site.Maybe this can be one thing you should know before buying Boonex. And yes, maybe it gets approved eventually, but it takes time. In order to start the approval process, you will need to register with Master Card.Many may think, what the hell good Boonex is with Paypal as a payment option. To use Paypal to a Boonex dating site, you must be pre-reviewed by Paypal. Please find the Master Card registration form attached to this message. We attempted to contact you by phone on the _/_/2013 at but you were not available.

Note that there is a registration fee consisting of $1,000.

If you don't read the tread so you don't understand i think.

PAYPAL have regulation against dating sites on internet.

Some Dolphin sites include content that violates the terms for some gateways, like adult content. For example, a community site for wood carvings would have no problem with Pay Pal, but an adult hookup site might. Perhaps the gripe is that there are not enough payment gateways built into Dolphin?

All I can suggest is to use a different gateway for your site. But Paypal have the same regulation against all the dating sites that want to use Paypal. They will contact you with information and a you have to pay 1000USD to accept Paypal as payment gateway. Pay Pal is nice because it is one of the cheapest credit card processors out there; however, it is not the only one.

The apply form from Mastercard is for everyone not just my site. It doesn't matter what kind of website or what it look like. Look into the adult site processors for your dating site, they don't have the hang-ups some of the others have.