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They all have brands which they carefully and assiduously build and promote.Most have multiple revenue streams (cam shows, videos, panties, wishlists, site memberships, etc.).

Of course, you will be the one who decides how much of this information you want to actually use.I’ll go through it all, point by point, in the course.But, the bottom line here is that there’s not much to worry about at all, if you know what you’re doing.I definitely understand this concern (I watch a lot of Lifetime movies too! Nobody wants to attract the attention of some disturbed cam freak who can’t get enough.The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to protect your privacy and anonymity, so long as you follow some simple rules and common sense.The model signs up at the cam site of her choice and, after submitting the proper ID documents for age verification, receives an account on which she can broadcast her cam feed to the members (cam johns…hehehe) of the site.

The cam johns interact with the model in a chat room and eventually buy shows from her, or tip her (using “tokens” or “credits” bought through the site).

As an adult webmaster, I’ve promoted cam sites for quite some time, but I’ve also worked closely with models to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t in the camming biz.

Given that so many newbie models fail miserably in this industry due to simple lack of knowledge, I decided to do my part in alleviating that problem.

So, go ahead and ask me anything you wish (well, kindly don’t ask about my private shows with that “camgirl” from Brazil…but any other topic is fair game.) Learning how to be a camgirl isn’t difficult, but it helps to know the basic facts of how things work in the world online booty shaking.

Adult webcamming basically consists of the cam site, the model, and the cam john (I came up with the term “cam john,” btw…I’m quite proud).

I’m going to cover the basics in this FAQ style tutorial, but I also offer far more advanced training via my “Uber Cam Star” webcam modeling course.