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Ady an and vanness wu dating 2016

ady an and vanness wu dating 2016-87

She’s also a phenomenal directing talent in getting the most out of her actors – Vanness, Ady, Lynn Xiong – all of them were weak to terrible actors before working with Director Chen and in those dramas everyone improved immensely.

In 2006, she starred in Fast Track Love, the first race-car series in mainland China.And Ady also boldly admitted that she herself was too immersed in the drama.When she saw herself falling into the water, and then seeing Vanness Wu kiss hot girls at a nightclub, it made her extremely jealous.She rose to fame in 2004 after starring in the youth idol drama The Outsiders opposite Dylan Kuo, after which she chose to develop her acting career in mainland China.The same year, she starred in Chinese Paladin, an adaptation of the action RPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy, which increased her recognition in China.In the same year, An also returned to Taiwanese screens, starring as Liang Mucheng alongside Vanness Wu in Autumn's Concerto, which became the second highest rated Taiwanese idol television drama to date.

In 2011, An was paired up with Du Chun in Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior, a television series set in three different eras.

How can you still be sandwiched between those two gorgeous guys four years later? For me at least, because I would be in a state somewhere between swooning and grabbing if I were her.

A week after Director Chen Hui Ling led some of her cast and crew from her mega-hit award winning drama with Mike He, she went back to Taipei and organized an even more jam-packed reunion dinner for AC.

She and her mother stopped seeing each other when she was still young, and she was raised in a strict manner by her father and stepmother.

Wait, let me amend that, OMG Liang Mu Cheng I hate you!

Reporters at the event also asked SETTV general producer Chen Yu Shan whether she really will be leaving SETTV but her reply was quite ambiguous: “There are many different forms of collaborations.”SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ aired its 5th episode last Sunday and met very strong competitor ‘Hi My Sweetheart’s premiere broadcast.