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Bengaluru: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Monday launched BGR-34 - an anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug designed for type 2 Diabetes mellitus.BGR-34 is developed jointly by National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), the research units of CSIR at Lucknow. 5 per tablet as compared to latest DPP4 inhibitors globally, a joint release by NBRI and CIMAP and the manufacturer AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd, said.

The Livemint reports that the drug was tested on a group of 1000 patients from the Indian states of Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. The Huffington Post reports that the drug has the capability to strengthen the immune system of the patient and also work as an antioxidant.Apoorva Shah promoting the Clinic, which is in violation of the Central Council of Homeopathy Code of Ethics Regulations Clause II 6.1, and contravened Chapter III.4 of the ASCI Code. Also, Dr Ferrari is not an Indian National and does not get covered under Medical Council of India. The advertisement states “15 Minutes’ drive from City Centre Metro Station” and “10 Minutes’ drive from NH24” which appears to be misleading as the actual time required to cover the distance is much longer.Advertiser has not provided correct details regarding the distance.The CCC concluded that the claims in the Ad, “SAS D'Lay Time - An Ayurvedic Medicine”, “Time Capsule for better masculinity”, “100% Herbal, Safe and Effective”, “No Side Effects”, were not substantiated.Also, the Ad claims read in conjunction with the Ad visual and the pack visual, implies that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure, which is in Breach of the law as it violated The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act.Anil Kumar Sharma, Vice President (Technical) of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd, said, one of the critical ingredients inhibits DPP-4 and enhances insulin secretion.

The product passed several battery of tests and showed hypoglycaemic activity in experimental subjects, he said.

For the purpose of commercialisation, the drug licence has been awarded to Delhi-based Aimil Pharamaceuticals Pvt. In return, Aimil will pay royalty based on drug sales to CSIR.

The drug is available in the form of a 500mg pill which needs to be consumed twice a day by a patient suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

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The scientists of NBRI and CIMAP joined hands in developing the drug and they had in-depth study of over 500 renowned ancient herbs and finally identified the six best herbs listed in Ayurvedic ancient texts to develop an anti-diabetic formulation.