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An error has occurred while validating the configuration settings

an error has occurred while validating the configuration settings-63

Verify that IIS is installed, correctly configured, and the IIS service is running.

The event message will contain more information about the specific error.Known tasks include missing certificate in the Local Machine\My store that was configured in the web application feature, or a timeout for a pending task.This error is also logged if MBAM cannot access Active Directory (AD) to validate user accounts.Check if the return URL points to a valid host name/domain, and update if necessary the list of approved host names/domains.If the return URL is not recognized or invalid, do not update the list of approved host names/domains.Verify that all MBAM software prerequisite checks pass.

Make sure the MBAM registry path, if exists, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MBAM Server and all the subkeys are readable.

This message indicates that MBAM failed to install the requested web site/web service as the necessary prerequisite is missing. The error message in context is reported by DAC service.

Refer to error messages preceding this message to get more information about missing prerequisites. The event should contain detailed information about what caused it. The warning message in context is reported by DAC service.

Indicates that a non-terminating error has occurred while enabling\disabling or configuring an MBAM feature such as Configuration Manager (CM) Integration or MBAM web application.

Known errors include: failure to delete MBAM Reports from SRS Role point in the CM, and failure to resolve a host name from the domain controller.

If disabling an MBAM feature or uninstalling MBAM verify that all files such as log files and web.config files are closed so MBAM can remove its web sites and web services.