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Jones' grandmother said the 26-year-old had a son.'I would hate for him to turn on TV and see his mom. According to her very X-rated Twitter profile, Jones works as a stripper at Jacksonville Topless Bar Cocktails.

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If you love your women smooth and stubble free, these shaving videos are sure to keep you coming back for more.A woman who posted a video of herself on social media giving oral sex to a man inside of a courthouse has been arrested.Brittney Lahcell Jones, 26, was arrested Wednesday, reports the New York Post.Jones was in court to see a judge on unrelated drug paraphernalia charges.She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to time served after spending two days in jail.Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause.

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“It’s like a train wreck — you have to stop what you’re doing and listen, even if it’s awful,” Melissa Buck, 29, of the Upper East Side, told The Post. But just 12 percent of New Yorkers said neighbors ever complained about their lovemaking, and only 24 percent said they went out of their way to pipe down.

“A friend and I were cooking dinner at , while it was still light out, and we heard the neighbors. It lasted probably 10 minutes, and we had to stop cooking and listen.” Like many of those surveyed, Leslie Vandike, 30, of East New York, Brooklyn, said the best way to get neighbors to lower the volume is to egg them on. The city’s 311 system does not have a separate category for complaints about neighbors having sex, but of the 263,000 noise complaints received in 2009, 35,274 were for neighbors making “banging/pounding” sounds and another 7,196 were for “loud talking, officials told The Post.

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He said it wasn't the first time she had posted sexually explicit content online and the family had been trying to get to stop for years.