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But on 10 a.m., August 25, the civil guards arrived at the scene while Bonifacio and his men were discussing strategy. Bonifacio and his men instinctively flung themselves on the ground.Shortly afterwards, Bonifacio ordered them to deploy and encircle the attacking Spaniards, numbering about 40.

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It was the original cradle of the Philippine Revolution in 1896.In 1954, Mayor Amoranto and officers of the Katipunan ng mga Alagad ni bonifacio laid the cornerstone of a monument for Acabo in Barrio Banlat, Tandang sora, where Acabo was presumably felled and buried.On the bronze plaque are these words To the memory of the unknown but never to be forgotten patriot who in 1896 in these plains planned with foresight the war of liberation, fought with dash and died heroically, that our country might be freed from oppression, be forever independent, and be respected by the whole world.And the rebels, shouting as one man, replied: Yes, sir!That being the case, Bonifacio added, Brings out your cedulas and tear them to pieces to symbolize our determination to take up arms!Teodoro Agoncillo, historian, recorded in his book The Revolt of the Masses, that it was in Balintawak that Andres Bonifacio and the other Katipunan leaders first gathered after the society was discovered by the Spaniards.

They gathered first on August 19 in Balintawak, stayed there for one night and one day.

With him were Andres Soriano, Laureano Gonzales and Romualdo Vivencio.

But he did not stay long in Balara; he and his men proceeded to Marikina, then to Hagdang Bato.

In the ensuing fight two revolutionists and one civil guard were slain.

The authentic Cry of Balintawak took place, then, on August 23, 1896, when Bonifacio and his men tore their cedulas to symbolize their armed defiance of Spain.

There with the rustle of papers and in a minute the yard was littered with torn cedulas.