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Anonymous dating app

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You only get a limited amount when you create the account, which you must then earn or buy when you run out.

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The match is called a ‘bagel’ and after liking this bagel you can ‘woo’ him/her with coffee (which are digital gifts).You just choose who you like from the list of pictures and send them a message.Filtering who can contact you on Jaumo reduces the volume of messages you receive.Once you go through the large local database and like some of the suggested matches, you can see which people have matched with you.Their mutual match method is Ok Cupid's greatest strength and has earned it strong ratings and a constant stream of new users. You can send as many as you want without having to pay and this gives newcomers an incentive.Managing your profile is effortless, making it easy to maximize your chances of finding someone who is interested.

You can quickly see who has viewed your profile and who liked you, and use these results to sort through your matches. Tinder is another massive app with tons of potential matches available.

You can download the Badoo app here from Google Play.

For really fast matches, Ok Cupid is your best bet.

Badoo's concept is to connect people who are near each other.

It is much easier to meet when you're already in the same restaurant, cafe or store than it is to arrange a meeting, and therefore people who use Badoo meet more frequently and under more casual conditions, which really takes the pressure off too.

The low-pressure connections is probably what keeps the number of users on the app and lessens the burnout rate.