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was the sole method of information removal and revision that does not involve the legal system.

I have used different techniques to incubate eggs over the years.Photos and personal data of some of the more prominent users were also revealed (Doxed), particularly user Zaiger.Most ED articles avoid a "neutral point of view" and encourage sarcasm, hyperbole, and other kinds of mocking the article's subject; they are not required to be referenced or have any basis in fact.Google Cache, and The Wayback Machine, volunteers salvaged most of the articles and images from the original site.In October 2013, Oh Internet was closed after vandals targeted it.went offline after the site's founder, Ryan Cleary, was arrested for alleged affiliation to Lulz Sec, the troll hacker group, In March of 2012, encyclopæsuffered a brief downtime due to renewal complications with the domain registrars in Switzerland.

While the database was secured, the site was not able to be accessed until was purchased.

Basically you need two things to hatch reptile eggs.

The proper humidity, and the proper temperature for the species.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, also known as ED, is a reference-style parody and satire wiki and acts as a central catalog for drama, memes, and other (Mostly Internet-based) people and events that its members find interesting or "lulzy".

Encyclopedia Dramatica (originally also known as is founded by Girlvinyl in December 2004 as a compendium of internet personalities, events and memes in response to the deletion of the Mediacrat vanity page on Wikipedia, On April 2011,'s owners redirected to a replacement site, Oh Internet, a new website dedicated to documenting Internet culture while remaining SFW (safe for work).

It didn't take long though to decide that the amount of attention required was excessive, and other means would have to be devised. The fridge section can be converted normally, and the freezer part can be used for storage, or it can be made into a second incubator to be calibrated to a different temperature.