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Are lindsay and sam dating dad doesnt think so

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Her professional relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant III led to an extramarital affair, which she had intended to end after Fitz' inauguration into office.After he won the election, she became his Assistant for Communications, also known as the The White House Director of Communications.

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After her mother's death she never returned to reside in her family's home.As Jeannine said, "A nice lineup of silverfox's." In 2006 Olivia had weekly Sunday dinners with her father, Eli Pope, she agreed to do dinners with him so he'd pay for her law school tuition.They briefly stopped having dinners when Olivia learned what her father really did for a living.Part of this deal was to start the Sunday dinner's again. Olivia attended all of the best boarding schools: Saint Anne's & Surval Montreux.She then attended Princeton where she received her undergraduate degree in Political Science.But she returned for a few more dinners and introduced Eli to Edison Davis, her fiancé, she brought Edison only to get Huck released.

After Edison was in a car accident that Eli arranged Olivia stopped having dinners with him.

Olivia has a preference for older, powerful, prominent men.

After graduating college she got a reputation as a party girl spending time with older men on the DC circuit: Ambassadors, Lobbyist, Cabinet Secretaries.

Olivia Pope is a crisis manager running the consulting firm Olivia Pope & Associates, dedicated to fixing problems and crises; protecting and guarding public images and reputations; and solving certain crimes in her clients' interest. When Olivia was twelve years old, her mother "Maya" was on board Flight 522, en route to London when it went down.

Believed to be an engine failure, Olivia believed that her mother died in the plane crash.

Olivia and Huck were the only two of the associates that knew who Quinn really was.