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Asherons call decal not updating

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You may still obtain Decal with other browsers directly through the Source Forge project page if you desire, but ymmv. Then can I move/resize the window inside of the 3D area?

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There are a couple of things that might cause this.If these versions do not match, Decal will disable some features to prevent random crashing, then issue this warning to you.One reason they may not match is because AC has been updated (patch day) and has not, which is the case when the "client version" is HIGHER than the "xml version".Why are some of my plugins not doing the things they should?You may need an updated XML which you can get by hitting the Update button in Den Agent.Resizing must be supported by the plugin author, but is also available now.

Why does Decal it keep installing itself when I open Internet Explorer or run Decal?

If they are not found within 24 hours of a change, a news item will likely appear on the Decal homepage explaining the situation.

It is also possible that the "client version" will be LOWER than the "xml version", or it may not be able to detect version at all.

This can happen if you hit Update in Decal before logging in on/after patch day, and can be fixed by simply logging into AC, letting it do it's updating, then exiting everything and starting over.

There is also a chance that some dual-logging programs are not modifying AC's registry values properly, and will cause Decal to detect an old version.

If you still have problems with this, please read the to the end of this FAQ and post about your problem.