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The Center is also home to Morehouse College's collection of Dr. This exhibit rotates to highlight certain themes, but it's a moving experience to see these documents, complete with cross outs and handwritten notes in person. When it's time for lunch, it's just a short drive to the iconic Busy Bee Cafe for a classic Southern meat plus three.

Meet over coffee at the Refugee Coffee Company A friendly place for a socially conscious first date is the Refuge Coffee Company located in the quiet Atlanta suburb of Clarkston.Beginning at the Visitor Center, you can pause at the World Peace Rose Garden, pass the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where generations of the King family were preachers, and visit the graves of Dr.King and his wife Coretta Scott King along with an Eternal Flame and reflecting pool.Bond over BBQ and a Commitment to Social Justice We live in difficult times. Martin Luther King Jr., an Atlanta native and passionate believer in grassroots organizing and nonviolent resistance to eliminate poverty, racism and violence.In a part of the city called Sweet Auburn, once one of the most vibrant and prosperous African American communities in the South is the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change.A walk through the tunnel and around the corner is an open air art gallery of some of the city's best artists and muralists.

Picture taking or spray-painting is permitted—the choice is yours.

Shawarma and jerk chicken shops sit next to each other and around the corner from small Asian grocery stores and the local elementary school translates its website into 104 languages.

Refugee Coffee is a bright red coffee truck parked in front of a remodeled gas station filled with chairs, couches, desks and tables for customers run and staffed by recently settled refugees.

The company provides newcomers with jobs, a living wage, training and mentorship.

It provides the rest of Atlanta with fantastic sustainable coffee and baked goods.

Celebrate Freedom of Expression at the Krog Street Tunnel (and craft cocktails and seasonal fare at the Ticonderoga Club) The owners of the Krog Street Tunnel are fine with local street artists, graffiti stars and ordinary people painting and repainting works of art and resistance in and around the tunnel.