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Back dating child tax credit

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Payments are tax-free as long as neither parent or carer earns more than £50,000 a year.That’s more than £1,000 a year if you have one child and an extra £700 for subsequent children.

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Claiming Child Benefit will help you protect your State Pension.HMRC wrote to everyone who claimed tax credits in the year 2015/2016 shortly after the end of the tax year (ie 5 April 2016), enclosing an annual review form.An annual declaration form was also included except where the claimant/s have an ongoing award for Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit and is/are still receiving one of those benefits for the family element only of Child Tax Credit or a nil award.Where a claimant’s entitlement is less than the amount s/he was paid, there will be an overpayment of tax credits.Where entitlement is greater than the amount paid, there will be an underpayment.The notice will require a claimant to declare that the relevant circumstances set out in the notice are correct.

In certain cases, the claimant will be informed that s/he will be treated as having made a declaration that the relevant circumstances were as specified unless s/he declares otherwise.

You can claim for each child: If your child starts paid work for 24 hours or more a week and is no longer in approved education or training, your Child Benefit will stop.

The same applies if your child starts an apprenticeship or starts receiving certain benefits in their own right.

If you’re off work looking after your child and not paying National Insurance contributions, claiming Child Benefit will ensure you get credits towards your State Pension.

If you don’t claim, you might also miss out on: Even if you don’t think you’ll be entitled to anything because either you or your partner earns over the £50,000 tax-free limit, it’s still worth claiming so you don’t miss out on National Insurance credits.

Claiming Child Benefit can give a big boost to your family budget.