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Bbc sex dating in europe

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"Sexual addiction is a relatively recent American, jargonized category of personality behaviour.

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"The original idea of addiction was that you had a chemical hijacking of the circuits of the brain built to give you pleasure as reward for doing things of a survival value, such as eating or having sex." After continued use, cocaine or cigarettes are capable of acquiring survival value for the individual concerned, he says.I hate myself for it and wish I could do something about it - maybe I am weak and have no lack of control but I'd appreciate some help with it because I have no clue what to do to resolve it. I guess in 20 years this will be accepted like other addictions but we are the same stupid people who need to learn everything over and over again before we finally get it.Ian, Bolton Isn't this just a way for men to try to legitimise their inability to control themselves? Pull yourselves together and start behaving yourselves - make your mother proud.If everything was resting on it, then a sex obsessive would not walk over the abyss but a real addict would, says Mr Hodson.Substance addiction stops the body's natural production of opiates, thus inducing "cold turkey" which has a physical pain akin to old age.Built into our genes is the desire/drive to reproduce and spread our seed. B, Utah, US As women we have hormonal changes that mean at certain times we are 'on heat' and every conversation with a man gives rise to excitement while at other times it's unthinkable.

In anthropological terms, it's our sexual fitness and we all want to be as fit as possible. If anything, they do have an issue for needing sex all the time. We also have to bear orgasms that take us to the edge of insanity with the sheer intensity of feeling.

Although not a chemical addiction like alcohol or heroin, it's a "process addiction" like gambling, she says, with a biochemical element linked to the release of dopamine in the brain.

"It's a compulsive need to seek out and follow a certain type of sexual behaviour.

Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay has admitted to receiving treatment for "sex addiction" at a private clinic, likening it to alcohol dependency. It's a term that first came to widespread attention when actor Michael Douglas was admitted to rehab in 1990 and it was reported - inaccurately, he later claimed - to be a sex addict.

More recently, comedian Russell Brand admitted to spending a week at a centre for sexual addiction in Philadelphia.

I tracked him having a relationship with a strip club girl, confronted him and realised he was funnelling all his pension, and borrowing more to boot, to save this poor girl from poverty at mum's expense.