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Ben 18 s8 episode 73 let s do the time war

ben 18 s8 episode 73 let s do the time war-51

Jez is called up for jury service and ends up romancing the defendant, Carla.

A comedy of errors ensues, with Jez trying to keep Big Suze from noticing Mark and Mark desperate to break out to go to the toilet.Meanwhile, Jez's plan to impress Toni with his new job at a music studio where Super Hans works backfires when she becomes attracted to Super Hans.Inspired by the plot of the film Strangers on a Train, Jez and Mark plot to take revenge on Sophie and Super Hans. Mark invites Sophie to his funeral and she agrees to go away with him for a weekend in the countryside, but Mark's enthusiasm is dampened when Jez learns Ray's illness is hereditary.However, high sales of DVDs encouraged Channel 4 to allow the series to continue, with the fifth series commissioned before the fourth was broadcast.We are introduced to flatmates Mark, a history-loving office worker with a crush on colleague Sophie, and Jez, an unemployed would-be musician, and follow them to a party at which Mark attempts to seduce next-door neighbour Toni and Jez tries to avoid sleeping with her sister, who he erroneously believes has leukaemia.Jez sleeps with Mark's sister Sarah, who has come to visit after leaving her husband.

Mark develops feelings for Big Suze, but tries to hide these from Jez, while Jez juggles pretending to be in love with Sarah with simultaneously attempting to worm his way back into Big Suze's affections.

Mark accompanies Jez, filling in with Super Hans in a band, to Dartmouth University, hoping to meet a shoe shop clerk called April (played by Catherine Shepherd), who has the winning combination of "beauty and low self-esteem".

Jez misses out on the frontman spot when he gets caught shoplifting a chocolate bar, but Mark, pretending to be a mature student, is a success in April's Ancient History class and takes her to a get-together at home of the professor (played by Peter Capaldi).

However, Toni succeeds in persuading Jez to have an affair.

Meanwhile, Sophie tries to set Mark up with a friend of hers, but Mark still pines after Sophie, especially when she breaks up with Jeff "for good".

First appearances of Mark, Jeremy, Sophie, Super Hans and Toni.