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The Assault kit must now wait for the defibrillator to recharge after reviving teammates in quick succession.

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The Recon kit is now more mobile and is able to equip carbines, designated marksman rifles (DMRs), and C4.The lower left-hand corner features a mini-map and compass for navigation, and a simplified objective notice above it; the lower right includes a compact ammo counter and health meter.The top right displays kill notifications of all players in-game.As the player character, Recker, the player can use two campaign-only functions: the Engage command and the tactical binocular.The Engage command directs Recker's squadmates, and occasionally other friendly units, to attack any hostiles in Recker's line of sight.The maps included in the main game are "Siege of Shanghai", "Paracel Storm", "Zavod 311", "Lancang Dam", "Flood Zone", "Rogue Transmission", "Hainan Resort", "Dawnbreaker", "Operation Locker" and "Golmud Railway".

The four kits from Battlefield 3 are present in Battlefield 4 with minor tweaks.

It was a commercial success, selling over 7 million copies.

The game's heads-up display (HUD) is composed of two compact rectangles.

Collectible weapons return along with the introduction of collectible dog tags which can be used in multiplayer.

Weapon crates are found throughout all levels, allowing players to obtain ammo and switch weapons.

's Grant Bowler as Burton and details their turbulent romance.