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“They suspected that [the dignitary] was having an affair with [a] personal assistant and wanted me to find out the truth for them,” Mr Ali said.

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Using these, the children do hands on experiments, explore and come up with their own perspectives on the complicated scientific concepts.Mr Ali also claims that before he was sacked, his employers sent henchmen to follow him and vandalise his home, leaving he and his family fearing for their safety.Two of his colleagues, Edwin Amagua and Olatunji Faleye, are also claiming unfair dismissal and discrimination respectively, alleging that they were forced out of their jobs after refusing to sign false statements about Mr Ali’s conduct.He claims that the pair asked him to exploit his “privileged access” at the palace to spy on a dignatary they suspected of having an affair.As a sweetener, he was offered the chance to buy Mr Al-Mansoori’s £15,000 convertible BMW car for just £1,000, the tribunal was told.As a result, the lab vouches for the huge learning outcome it produces in every student learning through it.

Through all these ground breaking features, the lab gives the students a platform for Fun and Experiential Learning where children are provided wider dimensions to learn, explore, question and find out answers: a model which promotes self sustainable learning, a model which showcases that Science is fun and playable rather than being complex, a model that makes children believe that no subject is as difficult to learn as it is thought of and subtly bringing in them the confidence, sense of possibility and the “I CAN” belief.

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We aim to inculcate and induce hope and optimist in the society so that our readers start their day cheerfully.

The effective implementation of these methodologies by the teachers is what ultimately brings the impact.

Hence, the lab provides a teachers booklet and also conduct teachers’ training which teaches them the approaches of facilitating the Science lab models and DIY kits in the class.

The hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal continues.