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Bmo dating online

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“In my opinion, It just means nobody’s money is safe.” Taylor’s inheritance was in term deposits at BMO until July 2012, when the investments matured. “This was strictly emergency money that I had left in Canada,” said Taylor.

“Everybody can be scammed in this way — but the bank doesn’t make higher precautions? “This was done too smoothly to be [the scammer's] first time doing it,” said Taylor.As soon as RCMP confirmed BMO had been duped, Taylor said he expected the bank to replace his money.Instead, he went through months of wrangling with BMO lawyers and managers.Submit your story ideas to Kathy Tomlinson at Go Public Follow @CBCGo Public on Twitter In August, someone emailed Taylor’s BMO investment adviser, using Taylor’s email address, saying he needed the money wired to his cousin, immediately.The impostor's emails had several spelling and grammatical errors.The segment seeks to shed light on untold stories that are of public interest and hold those responsible accountable.

He had said he’s also upset because for several months his bank failed to take financial responsibility for its mistake.

“My goodness — that was quite a shock after having open heart surgery.” Police began investigating, then sent an email to BMO last summer, confirming Taylor wasn't involved. Bruce Taylor a 'victim' in this fraud and is not being investigated otherwise," said the email from the investigating officer.

Police also said the initial recipient of Taylor's money was another unwitting victim, in Calgary.

She does not want to be identified, but she told Go Public she met the scammer through online dating.

RCMP emails to Taylor confirm the impostor told BMO to wire the money to the woman’s TD bank account.

She asked him if there had been recent activity with his account and he said no.