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Bollywood tabloids girlfriend list of ranbir kapoor

He was accompanied by other stars including John Abraham, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez too.The report hints that Ranbir had his eyes set for the Kick actress throughout the evening.

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"If you ask me about directors, then I am ready to work with anybody and everybody because I don't find myself in the position of choosing the directors.My drive is to achieve more than what my grandfather achieved; my drive is to make a name for myself, get rid of this 'star son' tag that has been attached to me. Ranbir Kapoor What really matters is your movies and how good a person you are.Ranbir Kapoor We, after a certain age, after college, are so consumed about what we want to achieve in life, and we fiercely are ambitious and we go after that, but sometimes we tend to take all our loved and dear ones for granted. If as an actor you marry an engineer or a doctor, it's really hard for them because they don't understand what your life is like. Otherwise, tabloids and news channels writing about you only builds your curiosity and stardom and propels you to reach wider places.Ranbir Kapoor I think I've found a purpose in acting; it's something I truly love and truly enjoy. It makes me understand more about life, in front of the camera, than what I'm living beyond the camera. I went to film school in New York, and that's when you really realize that you have to grow up now. Ranbir Kapoor To be a great actor, you really don't need to go to acting school or learn dance classes or work on your body. You have to draw on a lot of emotions that you go through in life that you can tap into once you work on a set.Ranbir Kapoor I don't think I can speak of the achievements of Indian cinema because it's so large next to me. Ranbir Kapoor I do endorse brands: brands that I believe in individually, brands that I use, brands that I am proud to sell.Reports say that she was uninterested in the manoeuvres of one of the most eligible bachelors in India hailing from a prestigious film family.

We doubt whether his passionate affair with Katrina Kaif and the bitter break up has dented his credibility among the prospective dates.

I hope that they choose me and find me worthy enough for their films.

I really want to work more in India," added the 23-year-old.

The teaser poster has a small paragraph that reads as, “NBA, the world’s top basketball league, is an official partner for half girlfriend, a first for any Hindi film.

As the lead actors play basketball in college, NBA helped provide coaching and helped shoot the basketball portions of the film.” Have a look at the teaser poster below: It clearly means that the movie’s official partner is National Basketball Association and they have played an instrumental role in providing coaching and also helped in shooting key basketball portions.

Ranbir Kapoor It's not that I am not emotional, but I am extremely secure and curb it, as I am afraid to let go and be broken.