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The Krasue is also found in the popular mythology of Malaysia, where it is called the penanggalan or hantu penanggal, and also in Indonesia that has many names like Leak, Palasik, Selaq Metem, Kuyang, Anton, Poppo, and Parakang.This spirit is also part of Vietnamese folklore as ma lai via the minority ethnic groups of Vietnam's Central Highlands.

In Thailand, there is a legend locating Krasue's origin in Angkorian Khmer culture.It hovers around the house of the pregnant woman uttering sharp cries to instil fear.It uses an elongated proboscis-like tongue to reach the fetus or its placenta within the womb.There are other oral traditions that say that this spirit was formerly a rich lady that had a length of black gauze or ribbon tied around the head and neck as protection from the sunshine.This woman was then possessed by an evil spirit and was cursed to become a Krasue.In recent movie Krasue Valentine, this ghost is represented with more internal organs, such as lungs and liver, but much reduced in size and anatomically out of proportion with the head.).

Also known as Krasue Mom, this Cambodian horror film has the distinction of being the first movie made in the People's Republic of Kampuchea after the absence of locally-made movies and the repression of local folklore in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge era.

Other folk stories talk about a person being cursed to become a Krasue after having consumed food and drink contaminated with a krasue's saliva or flesh.

Popular imagination also claims that the transformation into a Krasue is largely restricted to the relatives of women practicing witchcraft "Mae Mot" (แม่มด) or "Yai Mot" (ยายมด), especially their daughters or granddaughters.

The Krasue is often said to live in the same areas as Krahang, a male spirit of the Thai folklore.

This spirit moves about by hovering in the air above the ground, for it has no lower body.

) in Laos, is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore.