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If you’re going to freak out and call him names or threaten to leave him just to get him to say he’ll stop doing it, he’s not going to be able to trust you with the truth. So be the person he can tell the truth to, to the very best of your abilities.Les webcams de gays latinos vont pimenter votre vie!Avec autant de gays sexy d'où vous pouvez choisir, vous êtes sûr de trouver celui qui peut répondre à vos fantasmes.Dear Sexes: My husband watches porn which is fine—that really doesn’t bother me—but what bothers me is when he live chats with them.I told him I consider that cheating in a way and it needs to stop if he wants to continue this marriage. She Said: Without knowing your husband, it’s hard to say why he’s doing this, but I feel pretty confident in saying that there’s nothing about that causes him to do it.Giving him the benefit of the doubt (that he cares about you and is not a bad guy), and make him understand!

You’ve made it clear to us, how much this behavior bothers you. Live chatting with your love should always be more satisfying than live chatting with strangers.

If you’ve already expressed to your husband, how this behavior hurts you, he needs to explain himself and/or adjust his behavior.

If he continues with his live chatting ways, either he doesn’t understand how much you’re offended, or he doesn’t care (or maybe he’s addicted to the attention).

Then the two of you need to figure out how to best serve both your needs while respecting both of your boundaries.

In this case, I strongly suggest seeking help from a therapist or couples counselor.

Once you know those truths, and his baseline level of commitment and boundaries, then take some time to decide if that’s the life you want to lead.