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Brandon and jaclyn millionaire matchmaker still dating

She bullies her women into Barbie makeovers, but then blames the men when anything goes wrong with the matchmaking dates.If that shallow, air-headed bimbo cheerleader in high school had her own show, this would be it.

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He called Patti out on the fact that she has so many requirements for men and never follows her own love advice. (Ugh.) Brandon created the "Barack the vote" shirt for the time before President Barack Obama's election and it earned him loads of cash.Throughout the making and filming of the show, I vacillated back and forth between who I wanted to be.In my casting tape, I tried my best to be my own hype man.A self-proclaimed matchmaking guru tries to find a mate for several eligible bachelors. I mean, what kind of idiot turns their love life over to a matchmaker who believes that the most important thing about a man is his bank balance?!These losers deserve what they get – wannabe actresses and leftover bimbo retreads looking for a Sugardaddy. When the guru ripped into one of the guys for not being flashy enough! Throw that money around – show off your wealth!The world's most renowned matchmaker, Patti Stanger, returns with millionaires from her past and present as they bring their relationship problems and issues to the exclusive "Millionaire's Club" for a final chance at finding love. Just ask the thousands of happy couples brought together by Patti Stanger, CEO of the Millionaire's Club matchmaking service and star of Bravo's hit TV series "...

See full summary » Heidi Klum hosts a reality series where aspiring fashion designers compete for a chance to break into the industry.

I made rules: first date equals cocktails, second equals dinner, and third is dinner and sex.

Anyone who didn't conform to that was never called again.

Destin introduced his millionaire - Brandon Broussard from Louisiana. He enjoys extreme sports and is looking for someone who wants to have kids.

This 34 year old who speaks French has had his heart broken and can't get past it. His last girlfriend broke up with him he was selfish, and because of this, he admitted that he made mistakes in his last relationship.

Karma is a mother, and they warned my actions would eventually backfire on me. I wasn't even open to possibility that I could love again, but I wanted to see if it was what I heard about her service was indeed true. She really does see past the facade and hone in on what her clients need. Her stable of girls is as diverse as they are amazing; enter Fahara. We travel together, dine at amazing restaurants, and have "shared" some interesting experiences.