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He began dating Cheryl Hines shortly after that, and in 2012, Mary Kennedy hanged herself.

Kennedy Jr., whose property was in the news recently when a strange man was discovered there on July 15.

The toasts were led by RFK Jr's uncle Ted Kennedy Jr, who told him: "Bobby, you are the most adventuresome, the most loving, the most inclusive person in our family." Turning to the bride, wearing a calf-length white strapless cocktail dress by Romona Keveza and strappy high heels, he went on: "And Cheryl, you are so warm, you are so unflappable." In his speech, the 60-year-old groom, who is a lawyer and environmental activist, told how he had asked Mr David's advice before becoming romantically involved.

The story proceeded prosaically enough, initially describing the backgrounds of the newlyweds -- Hines, 48, played the wife of Larry David in the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" from 2000 to 2011.

You may remember, Robert and Mary’s son Conor Kennedy began dating shortly after his mom’s death.

The only way I know of to stop it is to shut off your text service.