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By oscommerce edating

No matter your function, no matter how you’re activating data to drive growth, you can count on Dun & Bradstreet products to deliver insights from the world’s largest commercial database directly to you in a variety of customizable ways We don’t just provide data.We deliver what you and your teams need to know now to accelerate your organization’s growth and maximize its performance.

Please note that all below pictures are made on shots that are to be used in our projects! Those are single frames from our footages photospopped for reference for further compositing work. The video would show the truck coming into site, dropping the load & the material going through the proposed system.The idea is that your fee(what we pay you) will cover the cost of "normal or basic supplies" You would provide us a complete edited video ready to be uploaded to our site and youtube.We will provide you with an intro and outro clip to be added to the beginning and end of the video.I am writing on-behalf of an upcoming business education company, We are planning to launch online courses in e-learning platforms and would like to seek a quote for the following services to be rendered: 1.Video production service for lectures - 3 hours to 7 hours per course lecture , HD, 16:9. Audio production mike along with lights if necessary. If you need clarification, you may reach me (removed by admin) Thanks and regards, Freelancers based in Singapore Only!I'm looking to create different videos which would be used and shown to children aged 0-4 years of age. Please advise if you also provide vocal service which would be dubbed onto the final video you produce.

The vocal dubbing should be of female voice and some of children to make it attractive.

We will have our best SUV Limousine in NYC on Thursday evening from - and would like pictures and some video of our vehicle in Times Square, in front of LIPS, Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $20 USD.

I have not provided a detailed description (it's putting together a 12 to 15-second FB ad) and have not uploaded any files.

I would like it if someone who has this game could create a season playing (in bits) of them playing for a selected team!

I need this to be done by someone who has good knowledge of the game itself and also of football.

At this point all ideas are open as no videos have been made yet.