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It’s a small action with a large impact.”“I think Cincinnatians just love history around old buildings,” he says.Kitchin is trying to make the Schmidlapp entrance more noticeable to all — fundraising has begun on a $7 million project to have a new roadway run past it.And he wants to make the illuminated tower a symbol for all Cincinnati.Once we do that, we’ll open people’s eyes to just how old and beautiful the (original) building is.”Another innovation to making the art museum a nighttime destination is new evening hours: The museum is open until 8 p.m.on Thursdays, with free admission to otherwise-ticketed exhibitions from 5-8 p.m.After 12 seasons on the hugely popular reality program, it's safe to say the former Bondi chippy is something of an authority on a successful kitchen build, and it being Kitchen Week on (woohoo!

), 9Kitchen thought we'd track down the reno guru himself and see if we could glean some of that same sage advice we see him regularly dishing out to the contestants. Enduring our no-holds-barred line of questioning, we quizzed the host on everything from where to save and splurge (pool your money here and you'll have "half the battle won") to tips for enjoying a proper home-cooked meal in the thick of the reno (the must-buy item that'll save you when you're living without a fridge and stove).

“Cameron is not trying to add large wings to this building.

We’re trying to use the space we have the best we can, including the site.

The lighting also, perhaps, addresses the fact that the art museum’s 1886 building has been left out of the celebration of older Cincinnati structures like Music Hall, the Cincinnati Museum Center, Memorial Hall and much of Over-the-Rhine.

Over the decades, the original building has become but one of nine.

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