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Chat adulto

El Chat de Chile es un sitio en el cual podrás chatear con gente de todo Chile.Únete y comienza a divertirte en nuestras diferentes salas de chat, en las que podrás utilizar tu cámara para conocer amigos, chicos y chicas totalmente gratis.

Multi Chat 15 Bilingual – This vocabulary file is exactly the same as the Multi Chat 15 Spanish file except that the label on the buttons has both the English and Spanish word.The following Spanish/Amercia Vocabulary Files are included: Multi Chat 15 Spanish – Multi Chat 15 Spanish is the student version developed for the Chat devices.This Spanish version is very similar to the English Multi Chat 15 Student file.English/Spanish America NOVA chat’s and Chat Fusion's are now available for an additional cost.The device contains all of the original English Vocabulary files and 10 English/Spanish America Vocabulary Files.Sintaxis 4x5 English & Spanish is intended for children that are beginning to create simple sentences.

Each page contains 20 buttons of words with a picture.

Words are organized into categories with some core words for creating beginning sentences.

Word Power 48 Español is an AAC vocabulary created for the NOVA chat and Chat Fusion devices.

However, due to the differences in the two languages some changes have been made to accurately represent each language.

For example, Spanish nouns have a gender (masculine or feminine) whereas English nouns do not.

In addition, Spanish has a number of different ways to use articles such as “the” that are not consistent with English.