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Chris tomlin dating lauren

Who knew years later my drummer, Travis Nunn, would be featured in a collab with Morton Salt? I am proof that God can use anyone at any time—you just have to be willing to follow His lead!

His wife's name is Lauren Bricken and it seems like the couple will go forever with their relationship.He is not having any extra marital affair and does not have a girlfriend. He is not gay as he has a family with a wife and two daughters.It does not seem like he will ever divorce his wife.features an exclusive interview with Grammy-winning artist Chris Tomlin.In this intimated conversation, he got real with us about his relationship struggles and how he learned to trust God in the midst of heartache “I was single for so long and everything in the relationship area had failed,” Chris admits.” Lauren Tomlin is unquestionably outspoken, yet she seems to master an interesting balance.

She knows when to hammer out an issue, and when to release her grip. As I listened to Chris and Lauren’s story, I was amazed by the power that women have.

His albums and songs have always been very successful and this has made him the singer he is today.

In the year 1995 he released an album called Inside Your Love and it managed to do very good in the market. Can't wait for you to see the interview I filmed with him tonight on @trinitybroadcastingnetwork. A post shared by Chris Tomlin (@christomlin) on Some other albums to his credits are Love Ran Red, Burning Lights, Hello Love, Not to Us, The Noise We Make and Authentic.

These are my personal beliefs based on my past experiences and conversations with Nas.

Like I said, I just want to see him get the help I believe he desperately needs, at the end of the day he is Destiny's father.

The television personality counts Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr as a close friend and the preacher who married Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gathered the groom and his groomsmen into a prayer circle for his ailing mother.