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Christian dating no age barriers

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These days, pastors are afraid to leave anyone behind, and sermons have become an exercise in finding entertaining ways to state the obvious.As someone with a doctoral degree in the hard sciences, I find it impossible to recommend most church services to my (mostly male) friends, because the intellectual engagement seems so juvenile and simplistic.

Get the men to commit, and the women will come too.Popular theology (what you'll pick up in the devotional section of a Christian bookstore) just doesn't seem as deep as physics, philosophy, or political science. That's where you're loosing the educated men who ought to be rising leaders in the church.Parachurch groups such as Inter Varsity are probably doing a little better than the church itself at this point, and hopefully some of their influence will eventually migrate over.On the "spiritual warfare" front, since the Reformation we've essentially developed a form of Christianity with almost no appreciation for ascetic practice, and I think that loses us men as well.Doctors and theologians steadfastly defended the church against heretics and secular intervention.The first requires an appreciation of the importance of academic orthodoxy, of wrestling with difficult theological ideas instead of watering everything down to the lowest common denominator.

Some of the sermons preached in previous eras—check out the homilies of Augustine or John Chrysostom—were really intellectually challenging!

Get the women first, and the men will stay home and go fishing.

As fewer and fewer leadership positions in the church are specifically reserved for men, that problem will only grow worse.

All important offices were preferentially reserved for single men.

I wonder if that wasn't due to a shrewd appreciation of how important it is to "make the men feel useful." Certainly Jesus was sufficiently revolutionary that he could have selected six women and six men as his disciples.

At some point, we need churches that are willing to hire single men as pastors, especially in towns where a college or university ministry is expected.