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Christianity dating back luther calvin

christianity dating back luther calvin-63

Unlike Luther and Calvin, we have no excuse since we have the example of Saints and New Martyrs and some of the Fathers (e.g. John Damascene) to teach us the evils of Islam, both theologically and in practice.History should have taught us that collaboration only worked against the Church in the end.

christianity dating back luther calvin-63

It is true that he wrote a tract entitled: “On War Against the Turk”, whereby it appears that he is opposed to Islam on theological grounds and urges the German people to resist invasion.This is evidenced in many of the statements made by official leaders in the Lutheran World Council and other Lutheran officials, whereby Israel was always accused of “atrocities” for defending herself and her citizens, both Jew and Arab, from Islamic terrorist attacks by Palestinian terrorist groups.You only need to check the official records to see what is stated is the truth.Nonetheless, he is more tolerant towards Islam than he is towards the Jews.In fact, he even states as much: It is no accident since Luther hated Jews and the Pope more than he did the Islamic religion and therefore, despite knowing what was wrong with the Islamic religion theologically and also in terms of what it would do given full swing over Europe, he urged his followers to side with the Muslim Turks in defeating Europe.Orthodox Christians should wake up and learn from St.

John Damascene and not be blinded by sugarcoat that Islam promoted using fair words and fair speeches stating that they worship the same God as us or that we have more in common!

As is typical of Muslim theology, he practices “al-taqqiyah”, or lying for the sake of Islam and this is also not different from Luther who advocated, as quoted earlier, the teaching of lying for the cause of God in the name of grace.

Another evil fruit of Luther’s duplicity with Islam is that many of the Lutheran churches today are anti-Israel and pro-Islamic terrorist.

Such a Saint and Father saw right through it all and pulled no punches whatsoever.

Orthodox Christians have no excuse for treasonous collaboration with Islam.

It is no accident that the Muslims and left-wing liberals have named “Martin Luther”: Tariq Ramadan.