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Collapsiblepanelextender prevents updating

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The Rich Faces approach additionally increases data integrity.

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The bean includes JSR-303 annotations for validation.The chat room requires topics on the JMS server for the push functionality to check for new messages.Create a new JMS topic using the following settings: Ajax controls to execute: decoding, validating, and updating the model.For full references for all component classes and properties, refer to the following supplementary documentation: tag library provides ready-made, self-contained, rich user-interface components. By default, the components don't require additional configuration in order to send requests or update, but can also be customized by plugging in utility behaviors.library that feature built-in Ajax support share these common attributes as well.The request is still processed on the server, but if another similar request has been queued then no updates are made on the client.

This example describes the JMS server configuration required for a simple chat room.

Each command button will correctly render the referenced panel grids, but the second button locates the references more efficiently with explicit values are passed to the server from the client.

In contrast, Rich Faces evaluates these options at the server side during the current request.

Validation annotations defined in this way are registered on components bound to the bean properties, and validation is triggered in the behavior is added as a child element to any input control.

The value of the input control must reference a managed bean.

, the Update Model phase of the request processing lifecycle is bypassed.