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Creating a dating headline

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Tall, dark haired, fit are fine, but don't forget personality descriptions outgoing, funny, smart.

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Imagine you’re assigned to write a descriptive paragraph about yourself. Don't state things that are already in your profile IE I'm a 5'7" redheaded Gemini female. If you want to say something about your job, make it brief IE “I build houses for US Homes”, that's enough.Dont be afraid to print a copy of those posts and read it at bedtime.How could I forget, this is a biggie....don't use prefer not to say, that's one of the biggest turnoffs ever, plus you leave it up to the person to guess your anwer, and believe me, they will guess the worst possible one! Here are the guidelines to writing an awesome profile. Know your goal before you start; usually the goal is to get people to send you mail upon reading your profile -- once y'all start talking then you can tell them your philosophies and life stories, or whatnot.Leave off the caps and hats and sunglasses, pretty please!! A picture with sunglasses and a hat will get your profile clicked off, trust me.As far as other pics, a full length or some type of body shot is good.Even if it’s all you have handy, no pic is better than a bad one.

General Tips As an overall suggestion, please avoid negatives, I'm tired of playing games and getting burned (duh, who isn't) tired of the liars and cheats so if you are, don't write me (bad! Those things give a bad impression and will get your profile clicked over as fast as anything. and please remember that in dating, just like in any other field, we need to be realistic.

Sorry folks, but if you fudge on this people will notice. If it’s boring or confusing, chances are you won't read it. The title of a book or movie, there are catchy slogans everywhere.

I’ll post some good headlines as an example and hope noone whose headline I’m using minds:- You can have the remote,- If you can't take it, don't dish it - I am not for real (humorous, obviously) - Gone fishing - Straight arrow on bent path - Action Figures Sold Separately Those are all catchy, that’s your objective. Avoid using words like looking, searching, wanting, needing (ugh) those are all redundant. Find one that fits you and don't a funny headline if you're not naturally funny.

And listen to the girls, they are giving you really good advice.

So between bucsgirl's, spiderwoman's and woody's posts.......have what you need to make progress.

If in doubt ask an online friend for an honest opinion. Particularly under marital status it’ll get your profile clicked over. Headline Most people don’t put much thought into their headline and put the first thing that pops into their head.