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Dallas accommodating lens

Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center offers Custom Vue™ measurements and analysis, LASIK laser vision correction, PRK laser eye surgery, Wavefront™, Wave Print mapping, and Intra LASIK to residents of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center is proud to serve the residents of Allen, Arlington, Bedford, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Euless, Fort Worth, Frisco, Ft Worth, Garland, Hurst, Irving, Las Colinas, Mansfield, Mc Kinney, Plano, Richardson and surrounding Texas communities.

The crystalens® intraocular lens has had outstanding success in helping patients achieve normal vision.Cataract extraction is the removal of the clouded crystalline lens.After cataract surgery, vision may be improved with glasses, contact lenses, or an intraocular lens such as crystalens® that is implanted behind the iris where the crystalline lens used to be.A different laser (an Excimer laser) is then used to reshape the cornea, correcting vision problems by improving the eye’s ability to focus.However, differences in the technologies employed and the specific procedures performed make it essential to choose an exceptional eye doctor in Dallas for LASIK care. Tylock have years of experience practicing ophthalmology in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.The FDA presented this data for crystalens® success based on 497 patients: The placement of intraocular lenses is a new technology, and long-term data is not available.

Talk with your doctor and make sure you fully understand the risks involved before deciding if crystalens® is right for you.

The crystalens® implant works in much the same way as your natural lens.

With natural, healthy vision, your eye focuses on images near and far by coordinating the curvatures of its outer membrane and inner lens.

Crystalens® is the only intraocular lens implant that bends and flexes just like your eye’s natural lens.

Crystalens® gives aging eyes the visual acuity of young healthy eyes, and has had an excellent success rate in patients who have had crystalens® implanted.

The “Crystalens® Advanced Technology Lens Implant” works by using a pair of hinges, one on each side of the central optic (the focusing part of the implant).