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Danny gokey allison iraheta dating

Gokey started singing with his family in church, but stated he would rather record mainstream music than perform solely Christian/gospel music.

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His debut album, My Best Days, was released in March 2010.failed to take, Jive Records dropped her in September 2010.Currently: Both are working on second studio albums: Iraheta finished out as the opener on Adam Lambert's Glam Nation tour last summer, while Gokey is set to be support on Taylor Swift’s summer tour.On November 19, 2009, 19 Recordings and RCA Records announced the release of the debut single "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me".Gokey's debut album, My Best Days, was released on March 2, 2010.It was the third surgery she had, but she died from complications.

They had been together for eleven years and he credits her for his success.

Tour 2009, and he worked on his foundation, Sophia's Heart, which was set up to help disadvantaged children.

becoming the first third-place finisher to record with 19 and the first male Idol to be signed to a major country label.

The facility in Nashville, opened in late 2011, has helped rescue over 60 families from life on the street.

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The performance opened with Gokey singing a true-to-the-original soulful ballad solo of Richie's "Hello," and then Richie joined Gokey for a duet of his hits "Just Go" and "All Night Long".