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Datagridview celledit

The popup-menu state is updated when the selected row in the Data Grid View changes and the state in the DGV's selected row should update when the popup-menu changes.

I'm working on datagridview in c# windows forms application and I'm loading the data from the database, now i want the user to be able to able to edit the cell value and save the value to the database, how to edit the cell value and how can i save the value to the database? In my case, I change the cell data and hit enter and get error: e is undefined.I would guess e is the event but I'm not sure where this is falling apart. Thanks Very subtle but important comment regarding cell editing (poached from stackoverflow [ If you use cell editing jq Grid examine cells for the 'not-editable-cell' class.For example, if we save the cell named mycell, is added to the url.If cellsubmit is 'client Array', no ajax request is made and the content of the changed cell can be obtained via the method get Changed Cells or thru a event.This option allow to set global ajax settings for the cell editiing when we save the data to the server.

Note that with this option is possible to overwrite all current ajax setting in the save request including the complete event.applies only to a cell that is editable; this event Fires after the cell and other data is posted to the server Should return array of type [success(boolean),message] when return [true,””] all is ok and the cellcontent is saved [false,”Error message”] then a dialog appears with the “Error message” and the cell content is not saved. To use this we should use serverresponse.response Text to obtain the text message from the server.applies only to a cell that is editable; this event fires before validation of values if any.

This event can return the new value which value can replace the edited one before Save Cell : function(rowid,celname,value,i Row,i Col) The value will be replaced with “new value” applies only to a cell that is editable; this event fires before submit the cell content to the server (valid only if cellsubmit : 'remote').

Can return new array that will be posted to the server.

I'm using a treegrid with the adjacency model and in setting up the grid seem to be controlling what rows and cell I actually want to make editable.

I have yet to figure out or stumble on an example using the above grid options that works.

before Submit Cell : function(rowid,celname,value,i Row,i Col) The returned array will be added to the cellurl posted data.fires if there is a server error; servereresponse is the response from the server. If set this event can serialize the data passed to the ajax request when we save a cell. This event can be used when a custom data should be passed to the server - e.g - JSON string, Returns an array of the changed cells depending on method (string, default 'all').