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Datascroller not updating

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This is also mandatory when you have configured JSF view state saving method to .

If, however, I press the refresh button the data Table shows the correct page. Also make sure you have your You may want to consider using t:save State tag or putting the handler in session scope.The first will store the given model value temporarily in the viewroot and set it back in the model during the restore view phase of the subsequent request. Hereafter JBoss Seam came with the Conversation Scope and Apache My Faces Orchestra followed shortly.Both saves the bean state in the session among requests, identified by an extra request parameter.The view is executed to populate the view *before* delta state is applied, so we see the behavior you've described.At this point, I don't see a clear way to resolve this use case.Is it possible, that "update" button attribute is clearing Data Scroller value?

How can I refresh Data Scroller with new values for filter users?

I have rich:datascroller for my rich:data Table which is working well except that when I am on any page number (let say 5) and do a search operation (or any operation which renders the data Table). I am using p:data Scroller with 10 chunk Size, but on my content of each item, I am adding one class, it have a click event function, when I load the page, my function event only works with the 10 ...

I want to use Primefaces datascroller with lazy loading. I noticed that Datascroller called load method twice.

For example, If I am not on page 1 but it is visible in my datascroller bar, I want to hide the First button.

Similarly if I am not on the last page but the last page is visible, I want to hide the ...

A major caveat is that the changes are reflected in every opened window/tab in the same session which leads to unintuitive webapplication behaviour and thus bad user experience.