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Flicking through the pages of Essence Magazines, April 2010 Issue, one thing happened to catch my eye. Now it wasn't I who read it but my older brother, Ryan, who happens to be mixed.Upon finishing the article, one thing my brother said was, "She's biased." Jill wants the equality that African Americans have searched for for over 400 years for that same respect and equatability as that of caucasians, yet she feels betrayed and uneasy knowing that black men are still dating white women.

"Black women are high maintenance, needy, and can't spot a good brotha when they see it." Ok, with this being said, is it true?Growing up in an interracial household, with an italian/mexican mother, and an African American father, I learned at a very young age to accept people for their skin color and judge them for their actions.My father, growing up in a time and place where racism was at it's peak, he still managed to look through the fog that was segregation, lynchings, white people hating black people for no good reason, and came out of it an African American man deciding to spend his life with a woman of porcelain complexion. How can looking past racism and color cause you to be a disgrace to your race?I know as an African American woman myself I have no problem with our "brothas" dating outside of their race. I think it's the fact that African Americans as a people are afraid of losing their heritage.But isn't what we want in the world a more unbiased and mixed culture and community?Some people think that if they have bi-racial children they will have a better status in life. It's not my business and it should not be anyone elses business. Considering the history of Blacks and Whites in America, if I was black American I might just loath White people entirely. And the last time I check, blacks had to fight tooth and nail for any rights they had, and white society only gave it away begrudgingly.

And on top of that, all these rights blacks fought for, whites are quicker to give those liberties to other races than blacks.

I believe it's seen by many, including black women that these white women are just novelties and once they are out of the system of the black man he'll return to his African queen and everything will be right in the world.

But why is it so hard to understand that maybe what a black man wants is a white woman?

But it was blacks who fought for these opportunities in the first place and who do they give it to? And at what point will have to ignore the fact you are black in America (dealing with BS) to stop making your spouse feel uncomfortable.

This reminds me of the movie 'Something New' when Sanaa Lathan was venting to her man, and he just did not get it and go annoyed that she seemed to make everything about race.

Should a black man forfeit his happiness just the prove that he is a credit to his race?