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Dating a busy guy

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If he’s highly ambitious, there’s little you can say will deter him from his pursuit. The idea that ambitious men only like dependent or submissive women doesn’t bear out.

Within the first few dates an ambitious guy will typically open up to you about his dreams and plans.If you become the person who always pokes holes in his plan, you become his adversary. All he needs to see is that you’re on his side and willing him to get there, even if he knows his ideas are a little outlandish right now.He’ll feel antipathy towards you, and feel like he has to fight against your resistance. Even though you want to avoid excessive criticism, you still should definitely contribute and ask questions.In fact, he wants you to have even more faith in him than he has in himself. Don’t invest in a man just because he has big ideas – it doesn’t necessarily mean he will follow through on them. But it won’t change who they fundamentally are (in fact, achieving success can bring out uglier sides of a person that you may not have seen previously, so be warned).Just because he paints a compelling picture of the future, that future could still be ten years away, and there’s no guarantee he’ll even get there.And ambitious men are turned on by women who encourage their ambition.

Men are strongly driven to succeed by fantasies of sex and power (and even the latter I imagine is desired as a route to the former).

Encourage his abilities and even suggest at times that he’s underselling himself.

He wants you to be his biggest fan and the best coach he could ask for.

Many people protest about how “super busy” they are – I’ve been guilty of this at times myself – and I regularly hear the, “I don’t have time for dating” and “I don’t have time for a relationship” defences along with what pretty much amounts to, “You draw the short end of the stick including my casual attitude towards you and even my neglect because, well, you know – I’m super busy.

Have I mentioned how important I am or how insane my job is, or how everybody wants a piece of me?

Every ambitious guy wants that feeling Jack Nicholson had in the film , when he tells Helen Hunt “You make me want to be a better man”.