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Dating a closeted

But does your man spend a lot of time with a particular friend?[Read: Real signs your man is cheating on you] If your man likes hanging out with a friend several weekends in a year, and you can’t recollect this friend ever dating any girl, it’s definitely alright to get suspicious.

Straight guys may like attention, but only if from the opposite sex.If that is what he fantasies about, then chances are that he is sexually aroused by another man.See such requests on having a threesome as a warning sign for a gay boyfriend.He has been different and unique in so many ways, but you never could realize what was so different about him.And then one day your best friend tells that your boyfriend shows signs of a gay man in the closet. Your whole world would come crashing down and you would then look at the past and try to judge each moment, every behavior, excuses he made and the choices he made.But instead of just blaming the guy you’re dating, you can put society to blame too.

As a society, we’re still not open enough to accept the fact that a gay guy can be just as perfect a man as any other guy.

“I think my boyfriend is gay.” Has this thought even come across your mind?

Imagine you have been dating a guy for months and feel head over heels for him.

Sometimes, a man could be in a happy marriage for several years and enjoy a great sex life before he realizes that he’s gay and likes men.

Has your man lost his passion for sex even if you try new ways to keep sex exciting?

15 signs to find out if your guy is gay Have you ever had a nagging suspicion about your man’s sexual orientation?