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Dating a colombian woman advice

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The best way to go is to register with a couple of Colombian Dating sites, of which there are many. Add a couple of nice photos to your profile and see what happens.

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Once the girls click on the fact that you are not a local, a ‘gringo’, that will get their curiosity buzzing.From this simple strategy you can dispose of the girls chasing just money, the ones who can’t speak a word of English, the married ones and the women with children. By the way, if it’s just a holiday, make sure the girl knows it.That way there are no misconceptions about the basis of the relationship.Sign language can get you so far, but no local language means you can’t impress a lovely lady from another country with your loving words.Arriving in a new country can be a bit daunting and trying to start a relationship with somebody over a short period of time is not really the best way to go.Colombia is nestled between Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Panama and has a coastline that includes the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific Ocean.

The capital is Bogota and the country’s population is almost 50 million.

If you take the women of Medellin for example you’ll notice that most of them look and dress like models, and the reason for this is that they probably are: Medellin is the modelling capital of Colombia.

In as much as Colombian women take care of their appearance they’re also very friendly, and are more than willing to hold a conversation with a gringo (their pet name for Western/American guys), but they do expect you to be polite and well groomed.

It’s also worth mentioning that each city in Colombia has its own slang, so if you can learn a little bit of local slang before you get there you’ll find that when you sound like a local it’s very easier to break the ice with these Latina beauties.

Over 70% of Colombians are Catholic, with another 16% following the Protestant faith, meaning Colombia is a religious country as a whole.

Its attractions include mountains, valleys, rivers, beaches and women.