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Dating a preacher39s daughter

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Henry now realizes that his family is the most important thing in his life, and he resolves to be a better husband and father.

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Houston admitted that she was reluctant to accept, feeling she could not do justice to a role that required her to play a dowdy housewife.The production team designed a pulpit and altar rails that more accurately reflected the design of Baptist churches.After filming, the church kept the pulpit, and the production crew worked with architects from the United Methodist Church to design and install rails more fitting of the Methodist style.Only after reading the script a second time and seeing parallels between her own life and the role of Julia did Houston accept.Houston was paid $10 million to appear in the film. Trinity United Methodist Church in Newark, New Jersey, served as the Biggs New York City church.A voiceover by the child Jeremiah (Justin Pierre Edmund) guides the viewer through the film. Membership is declining, Henry is pulled in a hundred directions by his parishioners needs, and the churchs finances are in trouble.

Henry is under intense pressure from real estate developer Joe Hamilton (Gregory Hines) to sell the churchs property so that Hamiltion can build luxury condominiums on the site.

A remake with gospel music of the "The Bishops Wife". It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score.

The Preachers Wife is a 1996 Christmas romantic comedy-drama family film directed by Penny Marshall, and starring Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston, and Courtney B. The film was nominated for five Image Awards, including Outstanding Motion Picture, and won two—for Best Actress (Whitney Houston) and Best Supporting Actress (Loretta Devine).

Filming occurred there from March 11 to April 3, with about a quarter of the churchs membership hired as extras.

(The church used the rental fees paid by the production to replace its boiler and HVAC system.)Production was plagued by poor weather, accidents, and problems with Whitney Houston.

Henry has also become neglectful of his wife, Julia (Whitney Houston), and his son, Jeremiah. Unsure that he can make a difference in his parishioners lives and beginning to lose his faith, Henry prays to God for help, which comes in the form of Dudley (Denzel Washington), a witty and debonaire angel.