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Dating a recovering gambling addict

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Poor coping skills has been contributed to addictions.Can you share with us what coping skills you’ve learned that have helped you?

We did drive the 4½ hours to the casinos and 4 ½ hours home for the next seven years.Rejection: Feelings of rejection go back many years even berfore I attended my first 12-step program.If I truly love someone and they abandon me or say cruel things to me, I tell myself, that because I love that person, I will allow them to do with their lives what they want to do. If I think they may be on a self-destructive path, I will share my thoughts with them and then allow them to do as they wish.But the very lowest was when the police came and took me away in handcuffs for a crime I committed to support my habit. Did you have rituals you went through each time you gambled?My rituals for my weekend at the casino were to wear my lucky shirt, my lucky jewelry, and to follow the same path around the casino floor each weekend. Why do you think it’s hard for compulsive gamblers to understand that money can’t be made through gambling? It was difficult for me to understand that money couldn’t be made through gambling because once in a while I did win and everyone around me won so my turn would come again.It wasn’t until a couple of years later, when I spent a weekend at a bowling tournament in Reno, NV and that’s when I became addicted. The weekend in Reno was what many refer to as beginner’s luck. I felt I was destined to become a professional gambler and could earn a living in the casinos.

After the first time you gambled, when did you come back again?

I believed I could win all my losses back if I just tried harder. I had to continue to gamble until I hit the big jackpot.

Besides the money, what would you say was the worst thing you lost because of gambling?

[ Marilyn is also the author of a new book, which is mentioned below.

] GRIPPED BY GAMBLING (A book that will have you in tears and then laughter. As a young girl, I remember playing cards with family and betting twenty-five cents a hand.

A story told with the painful truth about the addiction of gambling and how I found recovery.) by Trung Nguyen Congratulations on your new book, “Gripped by Gambling.” Thank-you for doing this interview. I thought it very boring and everyone got drunk and argued.