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Dating brooks brothers labels

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Bobbie Brooks used an organized plan of choosing which garments to manufacture.

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To find a "346" Brooks Brothers store, select the 'Retail and 346' option on our store locator.2001-Present: In 2001, M&S sold BB to Retail Brand Alliance, a company with Italian ties.In the RBA era, Brooks has gone some of the way to restoring quality that was lost in the M&S era, but they’ve also moved BB into a slightly more fashion-forward position in the retail-clothing world.At this time I believe the only items with the Makers tag are ties, but the company still makes some shirts as well. Brooks now has a limited number of stores doing business as "346".They are aimed at a younger segment of the market and feature sportswear and business casual, as well as a smaller selection of suits and dress shirts than would be found in a regular Brooks Brothers store.Bobbie Brooks was founded in 1939 by Maurice Saltzman and Max Reiter in Cleveland, Ohio.

Originally called Ritmore Sportswear, Inc., the company was bought by Saltzman in 1953 and became Bobbie Brooks, Inc.

I might try to pull together something on BB ties or shoes later, but for now, we’ll stick with tailored clothing.

First, a few key dates you should know about BB’s history: 1818-1946: From its founding to 1946, BB was controlled by the Brooks family that started it.

One big question that many people have when they pick up an item at a thrift store, especially when they’re planning to resell it, is, “How old is this?

” Often, the labels inside a garment can be the easiest clue to figuring that out.

Last fall they put out some woven wool ties that were really nice (I'm a sucker for not having picked up any) that were Makers.