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Dating elizabethan times

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There were formal courting standards of getting the approval of a woman's parents before trying to "woo" her, but was also much like it is today--meeting through friends, getting acquainted over dinner, going out to social gatherings. Young states that both men and women were active in choosing a spouse.

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During this period it was common for the graveyard to become overcrowded with bodies.However, if the death was considered a suicide, the body could not be buried in the churchyard.During this period, the body would be washed by a midwife and wrapped in a simple sheet before it was placed inside the coffin. However, experts believe that flower sprays and arrangements were not used during this time unless they were tossed into the grave with the deceased.For common people, there were not markers or headstones to mark the site of the grave.Those who were wealthy might be buried inside the church.The average age of marriage in aristocracy was 19-21 women, 24-26 for men, but for most classes is was higher.

The average age of marriage in England through the 1500-1600s was 25-26 for women and 27-28 for men (41).

While some of these traditions have fallen away, others have endured or have been adapted to fit the funeral needs and customs of mourners in modern times.

I've spent a lot of time learning about Shakespeare and establishing a basic understanding of his life as a play write and more specifically a son, husband, father, lover and active participant in a family-based society.

I was surprised to find that what I previously thought about marriage in Shakespeare's time--female inferiority, arranged & teenage marriages--was, generally, incorrect.

Bruce Young introduces the topic of Elizabethan marriage with the finding that "Most historians conclude that love and friendship were essential elements of English marriages throughout the entire early modern period [Renaissance]" (44).

Mourning rings were also a part of Elizabethan funeral traditions.