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Dating exclusively but not boyfriend girlfriend

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(It is an exclusive relationship and neither are currently looking for another partner--but you would both still be considered "single") A less tactful term could be “fuck buddies” but sex is not a prerequisite, and emotions are involved.It's meant to be vague and confusing, because the relationship gets complicated when the lines aren't clearly defined, and the couples status is more than friends, but less than a committed relationship since emotions start to get involved.

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Neither of the two partners are seeing anyone else, but the title boyfriend/girlfriend puts too much pressure or seriousness to a loosely dating couple.Call it what you want -- exclusivity, titles, and what people put into their relationship varies. Every relationship is different and what's appropriate (as far as dating other people, effort, and rights, etc.) has to be worked out between the 2 people.I think the key is communicating what you want and expect, and finding someone who wants and expects the same things.I have a date tomorrow and thought I was emailing my friend and She became distant when her ex-husband got married. I (39/M) met her (31/F) on a dating site a month and a half ago. I have spent the night at her place five or six times Let this be a lesson to all men trying to find that special someone Always delete old text messages to avoid sending a message to the wrong person.It's hardly news that conventional dating norms have gone out the window and, with them, so too have traditional dating labels.And that's okay because, contrary to those bemoaning the supposed death of monogamy, it's clearly not the monogamy that freaks him out, but rather, monogamy's prescribed terminology.

Indeed, labels are often black and white, imposing undesirable norms upon huge swaths of people to whom rigid conventions cannot and should not be applied. I mean, honestly, why is it such a big deal to call someone your boyfriend or girlfriend?

We agreed to take things slow and not too seriously right now.

A boyfriend girlfriend might just complicate things a bit.

It is now expected that a couple will first hookup for a significant -- albeit unsubstantial -- period of time, only to then qualify their pseudo relationship with vague promises of monogamy.

"How is dating her exclusively any different from calling her your girlfriend?

I feel like I am fine with this decision because to me school and my career MUST be my priority and so such a decision suits my needs too.