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Dating in belgrade serbia

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A double spiral staircase leads from its top to the water level.and the first Masonic temple in Belgrade, which presently serves as the Gallery of the Natural History Museum.

Opposite the fountain there used to be the main mosque in the Upper Town.Roman Well is an intriguing structure, about 60m deep (10m of which are below the Sava bottom) and 3,40m wide, surrounded by many grisly legends.It took its present shape during the Austrian rule in the early 18th century.The plateau around The Victor commands some of the loveliest views of sunsets you can enjoy in the centre of any capital city in Europe.It also contains a scale model of the castle built by Despot Stefan Lazarević’s in Upper Town in early 15th century (destroyed in a huge explosion of a gunpowder magazine in 1690).The Romans were the first to build a fort at this site in the late 1st century as the HQ for the IV Roman Legion - Flavia Felix. Belgrade Fortress consists of the Upper Town, Lower (or Water) Town and Kalemegdan Park.

The present layout of the Fortress took shape in the late 18th century, but there used to be many more buildings within its walls that had perished in different battles.

It is the work of Ivan Meštrović, unveiled in 1928, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of breaching the Salonika Front, a great victory achieved by Serbian Army in the WWI.

It was originally intended to be placed in Terazije Square, but the idea of having a realistic presentation of a nude male in the centre of the city caused a public outcry.

You can explore Belgrade’s history The UPPER TOWN is in the heart of the fortress, it was Belgrade’s last line of defence and the place of residence of the city commanders.

In the days of Roman Empire it was rectangular in shape, and although it grew substantially in the Middle Ages, its walls remained parallel, with numerous turrets for archers.

Despot Stefan Lazarević (1377-1427), a knight and a poet, made Belgrade the capital of all Serbian lands and dedicated it to the Most Holy Virgin.